Hertfordshire Press (UK)

Suite 125, 43 Bedford Street Covent Garden,

United Kingdom WC2E 9HA

Tel: +447411978955

WhatsApp +447956723336



Big opportunity for you!

Hertfordshire Press in partnership with The Eurasian Creative Guild is looking for interns with the possibility of further employment and cooperation!

If you have such skills as: erudition, sociability, creativity, the ability to seek a way out in unusual situations, you have the desire to learn, get a remarkable international experience and meet creative people from more than 20 countries and you want to learn how to organize meetings and festivals around the world, then this is a unique chance for you!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to express yourself in many directions and make international connections!

What will you get? 

1. International experience in more than six designated departments.

2. Important new meetings and relationships

3. Four-month training / practice in the management of Art projects, editor of the UK based magazine, PR in the media, office management, coordinator of events and festivals, assistant publisher Hertfordshire Press and much more.

4. Interesting business trips to Russia and other countries.

5. The opportunity to visit the UK.

In the UK such an internship normally costs more than £ 8,000

How much will you pay? — 0 £

Moreover! It is you who may receive the scholarship !!! *

Want to be part of our team?

Please write “I want to get an internship at your organization” at or +447956723336 (WhatsApp)

* scholarship is paid only to internship finalists

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